Solar Power Storage

Residential Storage System - ME3000SP

Leading Edge Technology

  • Self-consumption
  • AC Coupled Storage Solution
  • Capacity of storage can be expanded
  • RS232 / Ethernet / WiFi
  • Comprehensive Soltaro warranty program
  • Easy to add into Grid-tie installed solar system

Soltaro Storage System Solution

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Input data
Max. input power 240ACV
Max. input current 13A
Input DC voltage range 100V~580VDC
Technical data of ME3000
Max charging and discharging power 3000VA
Full load DC voltage range while charging 200V~450VDC
Output voltage range while discharging 150V~500VDC
Rated output voltage while discharging 380V
Max charging and discharging current 10A
Rated charging and discharging current 60A
Number of MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker 1/3
Output strings (to inverter) 2
Battery data
Battery type Lithium
Recommend battery capacity range 90-200AH
Daily night electricity consumption 2~9 kWh
Deep of discharge 50% DOD / 80% DOD
Battery voltage range 42~58VDC
Max charging voltage 58VDC / 57VDC
Max charging current ≤0-40A
Max discharging current 40A Peak 60A
Protection devices
Over voltage protection Yes
Low voltage protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Over load protection Yes
Output current short protection Yes
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
Maximum efficiency 94.0%
Dimensions (W/H/D) 482/355/166mm
Weight 13.2kg
Input grid voltage range (single phase) 230Vac ± 15%
Operating temperature range 0ºC ~ +40ºC
Altitude 2000m
Cooling concept Natural
Environmental protection rating IP20 (indoor use)
Noise emission (typical) ≤25dB
DC connection H4/MC4 (opt)
Battery connection Screw terminal
Display LED+LCD
Interfaces: RS232 / Ethernet / WiFi Yes / opt / opt
Warranty 5 years
Certificated and approvals CE

Soltaro Lithium Battery WALL MOUNT 2kW

Basic parameters
Life Expectancy 20 years
Warranty Life 10 years
Life cycles (90% DOD) >10000
Maintenance None
Storage time (-20ºC ~ 35ºC) 12 months power off
Operation temperature -22ºC ~ 55ºC
Transport standard UN 38.3
EMC standard IEC 61000
Structural parameters
Width 412mm
Height 387mm
Depth 183mm
Weight 30kg ea
Nominal parameters SOL-2KWH
Voltage 40-58.4V
Capacity 40Ah
Energy 1800 Wh
Electrical parameters
Operating voltage 2~100V (50V Nominal)
Maximum charge voltage 58.4V
Maximum discharge current 60A
Rated Current 40A
Communication parameters
Network interface RS485(RJ45) CAN-BUS (RJ45)
Communication protocols MODBUS