Soltaro — Solar & BATTERY STORAGE innovated for Australia

Renewable Energy is the future.
Soltaro specialise in end to end solar systems & energy storage solution that has been designed, redesigned and innovated for the harsh Australian climates. All of our product go through strict manufacturing standards and the highest degree of quality control to ensure your investment remains hassle free for the duration of the products life cycle.  With our warranty and technical support based in Australia we are able to respond faster in the rare occasion of a product fault.  Solar power remains the simplest option for householders wishing to both reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately their energy bills.  With Soltaro you can certain we stand behind our product.

Powering the Future with Solar

Soltaro Solar is an Australian owned & operated company which has innovated products to respond to Australian conditions and requirements.  Our product can be requested from one of our distributors are you can request the Soltaro product from your authorised Solar and Energy Storage Retailer

The Soltaro team have significant experience in providing the best components and systems that suit the Australian home owner and backed with easy to understand warranties and superior technical support.

Products are designed and tested to ensure reliability, performance and optimum adoption of the most technically advanced equipment available to the domestic Solar market here and internationally.

By choosing Soltaro products and equipment, you as an installer will ensure your customers will enjoy a problem free shift to Solar Energy and a freedom only offered by being energy self-sufficient.  If you are interested in becoming an authorised Distributor or Retailers download our company bio or contact us.